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Heparan Sulphate Oligosaccharides


Heparan Sulphate (HS) Oligoaccharides

Excised by Specific Enzymes

Naturally-Occuring Structures

Analysis of HS domain Organisation

Heparan Sulphate (HS) is a near-universal co-receptor for many growth factors and morphogenic proteins; it has a complex domain organisation  of alternating high and low sulphated regions (Fig 1) in which the various patterns of modification by sulphation by and epimerisation create considerable structural diversity designed for selective binding to its many client proteins.


We offer two classes of Heparan Sulphate Oligosaccharides (HS-oligos) prepared by:

1. Heparinase III digestion of the low sulphated regions of HS resulting in oligosaccharides rich in the Heparinase III resistant high-sulphation domains (S-domains)

2. Heparinase I digestion of the S-domains of HS resulting in oligosaccharides made from the Heparinase I resistant regions of low/intermediate sulphation.

The HS-oligos in the enzyme digests were separated by high resolution gel filtration and the molecular size profiles of the individual peaks assesed on Superdex S-75 hplc. Although substantially homogeneous on S-75 the HS-oligos in each size class will contains sequences that vary in composition and there may be some limited overlap with oligos in adjacent size groups.   

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  1. Heparan Sulphate Oligosaccharides. Heparinase I Digestion. Low/Intermediate Sulphation.
    Heparinase I Heparan Sulphate Oligosaccharides dp4 - dp20 Hep I HSO04 - Hep I HSO20 1mg
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  2. Heparan Sulphate Oligosaccharides. Heparinase III Digestion. High Sulphation.
    Heparinase III Heparan Sulphate Oligosaccharides dp4 - dp20 Hep III HSO04 - Hep III HSO20 1mg
    150.00 Enquire Now

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