Our Products

Iduron is a specialist glycosaminoglycan company supplying an exciting and unique Glycosaminoglycan (GAG) product range for academic research and development and the pharmaceutical industry.

Who We Are

The Glycosaminoglycan Specialists

Iduron is founded on peer reviewed academic research at the University of Manchester, UK. We maintain a strong academic focus with a high level of technical expertise – we are happy to help whenever we can. 

What We Do

GAG Reagents Supplied Worldwide

We have a varied and loyal customer base from Academic R&D Labs to Pharmaceutical Company QA. We are highly experienced international shippers and with excellent distribution partners. We deliver your products where ever you want.

How We do it

In-house Manufacturing & Trusted Suppliers

We work with trusted suppliers and invest heavily in our manufacturing capability so we can control the quality, availability and price of all our products.

Our Products

Recent Developments

Some recent product developments include our Desulphated Heparin Oligosaccharides and HepMer range of custom made, homogeneous oligosaccharides - drill down into the binding specificities and activation mechanisms of heparin and HS binding proteins.

Popular Products Explore some of our most popular products

  • 100 Published papers

    Professor Gallagher and his colleagues have published over 100 peer reviewed papers in the Glycosaminoglycan field

  • 1 University

    The work that ultimately lead to the formation of the Iduron Company actually began over 30 years ago in the University of Manchester

  • 1 Founder

    The company was founded by
    Professor John Gallagher