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Selectively Desulphated Heparins


These heparin products have been made from high quality heparin modified by standard chemical methods to selectively remove sulfate groups from C2 of Iduronate, (De2S Hep), C6 of glucosamine (De6SHep) or the N-sulfate of Glucosamine (DeNS Hep). The DeNS heparin contains the free amino group (NH+3); in DeNS/Ac Hep the free amino group has been modified by acetylation.

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  1. Selectively Desulphated Heparins
    2-O-Desulphated Heparin DSH001/2 2mg 125.00 Enquire Now
    6-O Desulphated Heparin DSH002/6 2mg 150.00 Enquire Now
    N-Desulphated Heparin DSH003/N 2mg 100.00 Enquire Now
    N-Desulphated re N-Acetylated Heparin DSH004/Nac 2mg 150.00 Enquire Now

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